Queen B’s

Royal Cleanings

We specialize in providing you with superior residential and commercial cleaning services.

“A Royal Clean, Done by The Queen!”

The best in Residential and Commercial Cleaning!

Residential Cleaning

Providing superior cleaning services for single and multi-family homes.

Commercial Cleaning

Providing commercial cleaning for business centers and other corporate spaces.

Cleaning Assessments

Provides cleaning assessments to determine service needs.

Tips and Resources

Provides resources to help clients keep their areas clean.

An exceptional cleaning service awaits you!

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Friendly Staff

We have an extremely friendly staff because we are a family oriented business.

Superior Service

We quality check all of our work to ensure that we uphold superior standards.

Competitive Pricing

We want to make sure that we’re remaining competitive in this marketplace.

Great Reviews

We have some of the best reviews for our services in the area!

Ready to have The Queen over to Clean?